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Holy Land Gift Shop Olive Wood Workshop in Bethlehem

Holy Land Gift Shop is a Jerusalem-based purveyor of handmade olive wood Christian art pieces. We founded Holy Land Gift Shop to bring the beauty of handmade olive wood Christian art pieces made in the Holy Land to people beyond its borders. While the material itself is sourced directly from the Holy Land and crafted in our workshops in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, our inventory is located in the US to ensure the ease and speed of delivery. Not only is the material itself sourced directly from the Holy Land, but every item, every statue, cross, nativity, rosary, jewelry piece, and more, is painstakingly carved by hand by one of our expert artisan craftsmen out of sacred olive wood. Each beautifully rendered artifact is lovingly designed and carefully crafted to provide a gorgeous, detailed heirloom piece layered with symbolic meaning and imbued with religious devotion.

Our mission is to keep this centuries-old traditional artform alive and support the local Christian communities in Jerusalem and Bethlehem by providing the opportunity to reach a wider audience of the faithful in the United States. Anyone of Christian faith, regardless of denomination, can appreciate the beauty and significance of the artwork and its roots (both literal and figurative) in the Holy Land, for not only do these pieces support their Christian carvers, but they are environmentally friendly as well. No trees are ever harmed in making these works of art, and each piece is made from sustainably sourced wood collected from yearly pruning that encourages further growth to keep these ancient and sacred trees healthy and verdant for years to come.

The olive tree plays a significant role in the Bible, and its fruit, oil, and wood are referenced throughout the Old and New Testaments. Not only does the dove return to Noah with an olive branch after the Great Flood in Genesis, but it was also an olive tree under which Jesus prayed after the Last Supper, and olive wood that made the cross upon which he was crucified. It’s therefore no surprise that the olive tree is treated with such reverence and respect in the Holy Land.

Each year, millions of people from around the world make the pilgrimage to visit the sacred cities of Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem in order to personally experience their awe-inspiring and humbling connections to Christ firsthand. In these holy cities, many travelers are moved by the locally crafted olive wood gifts and souvenirs, especially so because of the wood’s symbolic value, which includes peace, faithfulness, and steadfastness. Through Holy Land Gift Shop and its workshops in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, we are able to provide these treasured spiritual artifacts, sourced directly from the Holy Land itself and shipped from our inventory in New Jersey, to you within the comfort of your own home.

Let us be your connection to the Holy Land. We are honored to bless your home and the homes of your loved ones with unique, handmade gifts lovingly carved by our talented craftsmen. Each one-of-a-kind piece will serve as a devout and stunning visual reminder of the presence of God, your relationship to the Lord, and your connection to the Holy Land.

Our workshop in Bethlehem - Holy Land Gift Shop

Our workshop in the Holy Land - Each piece is lovingly hand carved by our talented and dedicated artisans, and every item is carefully designed to capture the spirit of the Holy Land.